A noisy year

A Noisy Year

Safe dancing with healthy ears. 103 dB on the sound level meter is definitely a must. More and more clubs adhere to this covenant to bring the sound level down to a safe value. DJs have also said a lot about hearing damage and wearing hearing protection. It seems to be a hot topic within the dance circuit. We have listed the most important updates of 2014 for you.

By: Daisy Heyer

You have already read about it. In February we learned through Adaro’s Facebook page that he was resting for a while due to hypersensitivity to noise. He stated that he, despite excellent hearing protection, still had hearing problems. Not just hard, but even soft sounds were no longer bearable for the hard style DJ. And this was not the first time he was dealing with this problem.

Adaro took a break, to subsequently make an intense comeback this summer with new studio work and a performance during Decibel Outdoor. Because he wore hearing protection the popular DJ had no permanent hearing damage, but it was still a scare. Right now Adaro can again be seen in clubs, both domestic and abroad, with performances during Freaqshow (during New Years in the Ziggo Dome) and Hard Bass (in February in the GelreDome) still on the calendar.

But Adaro was not the only famous Dutch DJ that had to endure a significant blow to the ears. The Man With No Shadow also experienced the consequences of hearing damage in 2014. The DJ did not perform for over three months and even had to cancel his own parties Karousel and Zomerpark. In an interview with Thump, Vice the DJ explains that he sustained hearing damage after three performances with bad sound. His earplugs were missing for a couple of weeks and he replaced them with cotton wool. The DJ got a hard ringing in his ears, which did not go away. In addition, he became sensitive to hard sounds.

Using an alternative healing method the DJ managed to recover eventually. TMWNS is now performing all the way again, but has been severely shaken by his hearing damage. However, the DJ is absolutely not considering quitting. Music is his life and Ruben (his real name) still dreams to make his Karousel concept into a musical platform.

Top DJs
And then there were also the many top DJs that visited RTL Late Night during the last Amsterdam Dance Event. Hardwell, Fedde le Grand, Dash Berlin, Nicky Romero and Martin Garrix attended an episode of the popular evening show, where the topic of hearing damage was touched upon. Dash Berlin indicated that he checked his hearing every year and is still completely stable. That much luck is not reserved for Hardwell, the number 1 DJ of the world according to DJ Mag. He admitted in the show, that after measurements it has turned out that he has the hearing of a 65-year-old; he has turned noise deaf throughout the years. You can become noise deaf by being exposed to too much noise over longer periods of time. As a consequence of this he can no longer properly understand people in a packed bar. A year full of news about hearing protection and this is just the tip of the iceberg. What the DJs definitely agree about in RTL Late Night is that hearing protection is not just for them, but definitely important for the fans to wear during a performance as well. And we can only agree with that!

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